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Family History With A Difference

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Taken from 1905 vintage publications

1. Bournmouth High School, Headmistress; Miss Broad, There are several Scolarships tenable in the School, and leaving Exhibition to the Universities, Term for Boarders 60-80 Guineas per Annum.


2. Principals Miss Comfort (formerly of the Dresden and Hammersmith High Schools); Miss Paine, Oxford, Honours Mods., Maths (former Scholar Royal Holloway College); both registered in Columb B of the Teachers Register; Miss S Comfort (Queen's Prize South Kensington)


Successful preparation for the usual Public Examinations, including London Matriculation, Cambridge Higher Local, Royal Academy of Music etc. Large playing field for Hockey etc. Over 319 Public Certificates and 94 Distinctions and Honours have been gained since Christmas 1894.


List of Surnames

Here I might list all of the family names and variations I've found while researching my family tree.

I may include a map of our family's place of origin in this area.